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The Blood Battery Action Network is dedicated to raising awareness of the child labor crisis in technology so that policy-makers and the public can understand the true costs of the batteries that we've all taken for granted. Those batteries, which are making so many companies millions of dollars, are truly "Blood Batteries" and should not be used in our products, condoned by our policy-makers, nor subsidized by our tax dollars.

Most of the cobalt used in electric car batteries comes from the Democratic Republic of the Congo where children are used and abused in the name of modern technology.

The Blood Battery Action Network was founded because at the turn of the century it was wrong to use child labor in coal mines, cotton fields, factories, and textile mills. Today, it is still wrong. But in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, children are being used in cobalt pits in order to feed the hunger for inexpensive batteries powering electric cars. These are called Blood Batteries. 

Child labor was wrong 100 years ago, and child labor is wrong today.


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