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The Blood Battery Petition

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By signing this petition you're standing with thousands of others who are working to put an end to child labor used in products funded, in part, by the State of California. We'll be able to share this petition with policy-makers to help them understand that African child labor shouldn't be used in the name of inexpensive technology and easy profits for big corporations.

Petition to Stop African Child Labor

For many years, Amnesty International, UNICEF and numerous other aid and news organizations have documented the horrific conditions that African child laborers endure while mining cobalt. The demand for such cobalt has dramatically increased due to the large batteries used to power electric cars.

Those electric car batteries with cobalt mined using African child labor are known as Blood Batteries.

California and other states should not spend taxpayer dollars on products which include batteries that are shown to contain cobalt or other metals mined by African child labor. Blood Batteries.

Thank you for helping to end African child labor!

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