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Many people use Blood Batteries everyday. But most of those people would help take action against Blood Batteries if they only knew about the issue. You can help spread the word about child labor and the Blood Batteries that come from those children.

Send our web-link to your friends:


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Companies who profit from manufacturing and selling Blood Batteries may be blinded by profit. But our elected officials respond to people speaking out! Sign the petition to tell policy-makers that they must stand up and support legislation to make Blood Batteries illegal.

Policy-Makers and Elected Officials can help put an end to Blood Batteries and child labor. Here's what they can do, if they hear voices opposed to Blood Batteries and child labor:

• Penalize companies who use child labor.

• Force manufacturers clean-up their supply chains.

• No tax subsidies for Blood Battery products.

The Blood Battery Action Network does not accept donations from mining interests, automobile manufacturers or oil companies.


And while we're not asking for monetary contributions, you can still help by spreading the word about the exploitation of children in the mining and manufacturing of materials used in today's electric cars. Too often, the focus on financing gets in the way of action. Telling your friends about the African child labor crisis and signing the petition will help put an end to the exploitation of African children in the name of technology.

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