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The Blood Battery Action Network is blessed to be working with photographer Doudou.

Doudou is our photojournalist based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He's been on the front lines in the cobalt mines, and is able to help shed light upon the tragedy of African child labor for the American public.


Like acclaimed photographer Lewis Hine in the early twentieth century, Doudou is helping the public to actually see African children working in cobalt pits, in hopes of putting an end to the exploitation of children by corporate profiteers.

We can't thank our friend Doudou enough for his dedication, bravery and talents.


Our Photographer

PIC - Girl Shovel.jpg
PIC - Doudou Kajangu.jpg

Photograph by Doudou K.

ILLUS - Camera.png

Merci et bonne continuation, notre ami Doudou!

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