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Many people use Blood Batteries everyday. But most of those people would help take action against Blood Batteries if they only knew about the issue. You can help spread the word about child labor and the Blood Batteries that come from those children.

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Companies who profit from manufacturing and selling Blood Batteries may be blinded by profit. But our elected officials respond to people speaking out! Sign the petition to tell policy-makers that they must stand up and support legislation to make Blood Batteries illegal.

Policy-Makers and Elected Officials can help put an end to Blood Batteries and child labor. Here's what they can do, if they hear voices opposed to Blood Batteries and child labor:

• Penalize companies who use child labor.

• Force manufacturers to reveal their supply chains.

• Ban the sale of products made with child labor.

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We know that not everyone has the means to make monetary donations. But if you are able to, the Blood Battery Action Network is qualifying as a 501(c)3 charitable organization and donations are humbly accepted and tax deductible based upon the regulations in your area.


Companies that manufacture phones and electric cars justify using child labor in cobalt mining by claiming that customers want cheap products. You can tell everyone that you're willing to pay a little more for your batteries to stop today's child labor crisis.

Make a statement against Blood Batteries by offsetting the cost of your phone's battery by paying ¢.50 per gram of cobalt. Because there are about 10 grams of cobalt in a mobile phone battery, that's an extra $5. We'll send you a Blood Battery Action Network Pop Socket for your phone so everyone will know you're willing to pay a little extra to end child labor.

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