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Child labor was wrong in 1908.

Today, children in the Congo are being exploited to mine cobalt for use in our electric cars.

We're fighting to end the exploitation of African child labor in the mining of cobalt used in electric car batteries.

Blood Battery - PIC Morphed Cap and Kid.

Today, child labor is being used to mine cobalt which is used in battery technology for electric vehciles.


We can say 'No' to child labor by saying 'No' to child labor batteries...Blood Batteries, and the companies that sell Blood Batteries and use them in their products.


We weren’t there to take children out of the cotton fields and coal mines. But we’re here now.

The Blood Battery Project

Put an end to the child labor being used to mine for cobalt and other metals used in battery technology for electric vehicles

You can help raise awareness of the child labor crisis by telling your friends, lawmakers and the media. We'll help you do it.

Child labor was wrong in 1908.

Child labor is wrong today.

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